From mind and from heart of Elizabeth Mason was born Bio-Rem company fruit of twenty years of experience in the world of Italian livestock and continuous collaboration with companies and professionists of sectors such as detergency, disinfection, microbial transformation of organic matter and dietary supplementation in the intensive farming. Bio-Rem is specialized in poultry, cattle and pigs but also in horses, camels fishes and pets. The company, in its growth, has achieved great success in international markets, particularly in countries of the Middle East and Africa. The priority? Animal welfare. Products are developed to create naturally healthy environments: – with particular formulations of detergents; – with the use of bacterial-enzymatic products. All with clear procedures of Biosafety; – with phitotherapic feed additives (essential oils and herbs based). The mission is to offer safety with guaranteed and professional products,developing and innovating formulations with respect for people, animals and environments.The microbiological products, 100% natural, operate without polluting. In dietary supplementation Bio-Rem is exclusive representative of factories in the domestic and international market. It is capable to produce personalized products on indication of the customer and has a line of phytotherapic products based on essential oils, with the intent to decrease the use of antibiotics. It is the innate desire to develop effective and innovative products, the incessant research and daily dialogue with the client company, that makes Bio-Rem careful, modern, concrete, that makes quality its strength, to ensure the well-being and, consequently, the animal profitability. Knowledge, competence, professionalism are the values that accompany us every day. The customer gets maximum performance in breeding through targeted products, technology and low environmental impact.

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