Besides being the most import ant detoxifying organ of the organism, the liver also plays an important role in fat-, protein- and carbohydrate metabolism. Hepatic health is key to performance optimization in poultry.
Do it with natural products!


The gut and its gut flora must be considered one of the most important organs in poultries as it is in this specific location that the feed we give them is being transformed in muscle in the case of broilers, eggs in the case of layers and progeniture in the case of breeders. 
Gut Health and Non-Antibiotic Growth Promotion through gut flora regulation, gut integrity management,
and intestinal bacterial control has always been in our mind.


In poultry houses, animal density, dust and heat permanently expose birds to various forms of respiratory issues. Poultry animals are endowed with effective mechanisms to expel irritants, microorganisms, and spores, but these defenses are fragile.
Poultry breathing organs: a vulnerable system!!!
Dust: vectors for transmission of microbial, viral and fungal agents in poultry houses
The respiratory system is key and fragile organs, essential to the animal’s well-being and performance. It is extremely important to protect it in order to guarantee good animal performance and health. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:
The quality and regulation of the ventilation system. Overall air quality in the poultry house. And of course, prevent disease with natural herbs and oils! Besides, and in some cases, due to this extraordinary design many viral and bacterial diseases in poultry use this same respiratory system as a port of entry, so keeping this system in optimal form is a must.


Immunity is the ability of the bird’s body to recognize its own tissues and to eliminate foreign materials in what we call an immune response. Because preventing is always better than healing we want to use some naturals products that are focalized on this.


Fast growth and high production demand sufficient apport of key vitamins and minerals to support the organism and allow maximal performance. Oral solution water-soluble vitamin- and/or minerals blends are an efficient tool to restore or maintain vitamin/mineral status of your animals.


Salmonellosis in humans is one of the important foodborne diseases worldwide with infected poultry meat and eggs being the number one source of infection. The battle against this microbe is very difficult. Vaccination programs and high-level management surely have an important role,
but recent developments have shown that also on the dietary side there are things that can be done
to throw up additional barriers that’ll help you out.

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