Biosecurity is a set of management practices which reduce the potential for the introduction and spread
of disease-causing organic onto and between sites.

  • Biosecurity programme

  • Hazard Analysis

  • Continuous improvement of biosecurity procedures

  • Vehicle disinfection

  • personal protective equipment PPE

  • Controlled inputs to the farm

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

HACCP strategies identify the areas where pathogens may enter the system,
ways to eliminate them and the methods to show that the chain of production is being continually and consistently audited.

Standard Continuous Biosecurity Programme Procedures

The aim of the standard continuous biosecurity programme is firstly to prevent pathogens from establishing themselves on site,
and secondly, to prevent the spread of infection within the farm site.


Complete lines of biosecurity products for all types of animals:

Poultry | Cattle | Bovine | Sheep | Goats | Horses | Camels | Bees | Pigs | Tailor Made


BIO REM is experienced in all aspects of the poultry industry and our range of disinfectants and detergents will that biosecurity standards are maintained to the highest level. We also supply a range of animal health products to boots vitamins levels in the birds when needed.


For dairy farms, we understand the importance of reducing somatic cell counts and our range of teat dips, disinfectants, and hoof care products can help with this.

Equipment | Devices

We have compressed air equipment for spraying of insecticides and disinfectants and pneumatic syringe range combines concepts such as precision, robustness, lightweight, to obtain the best effectiveness require by modern breeding and spray gun for vaccines (for poultry and ruminants).

Tailor Made

In detergency, we are able to do products on your own formulation.


The larvicide is the key component in the control of flies, it has a preventive effect as it acts by interrupting the life cycle of the fly in larval stage by blocking its development to the adult stage. Simultaneous use together with adulticide products is the successful choice to reach effective control of the arthropod.


We have also insecticides for indoor and outdoor environments.


We have also rodenticides for indoor and outdoor environments.

Smoke Disinfectant 

We have a dry smoke disinfectant which is effective against bacteria, mold, and yeast. It treats both surfaces and air.


GOLDEN POWER  is a dehydrated containing a mixture of catalytic thermostatic enzymes associated to aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and “eutrophic” compound that permits a fast degradation of organic substances living in “reflues”, muds and litters.

It contains enzymes to degrade proteins, carbo-hydrates, fats and “cellulosic” derivatives. The GOLDEN POWER  addition establishes a population of “saprofit” bacteria in the plant, not pathogens or dangerous to men, animals and environment, that feed on organic substances till their complete biological digestion and “metabolizing” ammonia that develops by degradation of proteins and by urea hydrolysis avoid the evaporation in the environment and the development of nasty smells, producing nitrites and subsequently nitrates. Nitrates are reduced to nitrogen and oxygen in the presence of a low quantity of oxygen through “anaerobic” micro-organisms living in the formulation. The treatment is good for zootechnical farms, slaughterhouses, settling basins and lagooning. A product consisting of selected bacteria able to digest and liquefy protein, vegetable and organic compound waste.
Suitable for the treatment and purification of fat tanks, settling basins, lagooning, waste grinders, animal rooms, and wastewater purification. It regulates the fermentations, reducing the bad smells. 


To help the growth and the development of micro-organisms is necessary that the excrement (liquamen) contains suitable quantities of nutritious elements, particularly nitrogen and phosphorous to maintain the ratio BOD:N:P equal to 100:5:1. A micro-organism grows and increases quickly in the course of his existence through two processes: the energetic and synthetic process. The energy that occours to the molecular synthesis, necessary to the development and the reproduction, is obtained through biochemical oxide-reduction reactions. On biological treatments, the organic substance present, in part, will be oxidized to supply energy, in part will be used as nourishment. Also, other elements living in the “reflues” occur to the bacterial development as growth factors and metals etc…


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